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1. Breathe
Theme: 1. Breathe
Pairing: Volcan/Sasha/Flipsy (F-Vaporeon/F-Blissey/F-Flygon)
Rating: T because Flip's a little bit of a pervert, heh...
Extra: Yes, this is a yuri threesome pairing. It kinda came about as crack to start with, but I DO still heavily ship this.
Summary: "You've never held your head underwater before? It's not that hard, you just need to hold your breath."
There were many times that the Pokemon left the house owned by their Trainer without him accompanying them. Many of them had the special ability that he had given them to transform into a human form, so many of them decided to mingle with humans and do things they normally couldn't do as Pokemon. Of course, some things had to be learned with such differences in cultures... but many of them knew by now what they could or couldn't do in public. Some of them felt a little more reserved in going to certain places where humans were, but others who had been in the group longer we
:iconregiinator:regiinator 1 0
30. Voodoo
Theme: 30. Voodoo
Pairing: Minipete/Jessica (Emolga/Raichu)
Rating: T for minor references to blood and gore.
Extra: Gijinka... and yes, this IS the same "Jessica the Raichu" from my Pokemon Creepypasta, "Jessica". Just letting you know. Also Laury and his friends are cameos from a friend's story who said I could use them.
Summary: "The fact that girl is even still around now is some freaky voodoo crap... how the heck can that little kid not even notice it?"
"Seriously though, have you seen her without that concealing cloak?"
"Nah... wish I did though, she's kind of a cutie. Why, what does she look like?"
"Well I mean... yeah, she's cute... but she's covered in scars! There's a big one on her stomach I caught a glimpse of and one right across her forehead under her fringe. Not to mention have you noticed that her ears aren't properly aligned?"
"Yeah... she'd be kinda cute if she wasn't so messed up. Wonder how she got that way?"
"Rumor has i
:iconregiinator:regiinator 1 0
47. Iron
Theme: 47. Iron
Pairing: Rukan/Thornelia (M-Lucario/F-Ferrothorn)
Rating: K+
Extra: Gijinka.
Summary: "An 'iron will' resolves for more than just our shared type. It's a bit difficult to explain."
"Are you sure I don't need to...?"
"No, Thornelia. This is more of a test of concentration than of pure strength. There is no need to turn into your Pokemon form for this lesson."
The green-haired girl nodded, stepping back and sitting on the small futon that her teacher had provided. Rukan was a good teacher - as a Lucario, he was calm and collected... and yet he held himself very strongly in both mind and body. She watched him carefully as he sat down on his own futon, sitting cross-legged and staring at her as she mimicked him.
"So we've worked on your physical strength and your defense was excellent to begin with... but I've noticed that your attacks tend to have a lack of accuracy behind them. This can leave you open to attacks, so working on being a
:iconregiinator:regiinator 0 0
9. Europe
Theme: 9. Europe
Pairing: Glace/Lefi (F-Glaceon/F-Leafon)
Rating: K+
Extra: Gijinka, implied yuri. Commissioned by a friend so the team is his. The Glaceon and Leafon are slightly underage (13 or 14) so it's basically fluff-haven, nothing more.
Summary: "There are so many different types of kisses in Europe. I was only studying up on them though..."
The small blue-haired girl turned her head to look at her ajar door. Her close friend Lefi stood in the doorway, the younger girl holding the collar of her white nightie to her mouth as she peered through the door. The Glaceon smoothed out her own blue nightgown, swivelling around in her computer chair to face her close friend completely.
"Why are you up so early?" Lefi gave her friend a confused look, slipping through the door and closing it behind her, "Your Mommy and Daddy aren't awake yet..."
"I know, I know..." The Glaceon gave a sigh, turning back to the computer, "But I never got t
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Smash Brothers Wii U/3DS OC meme!
-Select one of you or one of your OC’s to do this meme with.
-Using the small list given by the meme, create a viable moveset for you/your OC to fit in with Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U.
-Make sure the moves are balanced and don’t sound too crazy/overpowered.
-Tag people if you wish or let anyone borrow it.
(Things in brackets can be deleted to make room for typing.)
Name: (Character’s full name)
Age: (How old are they?)
Gender: (Male, female or undetermined)
Species and/or Occupation. (Are they human? Part animal? Are they a Pokemon Trainer or a galactic space pilot?)
Description: (What does your character look like? How tall are they, what’s their hair color or eye color and what defining features do they have?)
Style of character: (Lightweight? Midweight? Heavyweight?)
:iconregiinator:regiinator 5 0
10. Foreign
Theme: 10. Foreign
Pairing: Wes/Rui
Rating: T for Wes' bad mouth.
Extra: A mix of both the gameverse with a few hints of the Anime, what with the capes and stuff.
Summary: "A Pokemon battle is a Pokemon battle! What's so different about these ones?"
"Viscountess Rui, it is good to see you again."
Rui gave a smile as she stretched her arms above her head, "Hello sir, it's a nice morning today, isn't it Duke Turner?"
"Indeed it is, m'lady..." The old man gave a bow to her which the red-head returned, "Are you here for battles once again, or are you looking for your partner...?"
"Ah, um..." Rui rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, "...Yes, I'm here to find Wes. He left without even letting me get ready properly - I almost forgot my cape as I hurried over here!"
"Ah, what a shock..." The Duke bowed, swishing his own red cape in turn to Rui's blue one, "...I'm glad you did remember it however. I will need to take it from you."
"H-huh?" Rui blinked, h
:iconregiinator:regiinator 2 2
Mature content
Of gems and snakes part 3 of 4 :iconregiinator:regiinator 1 2
Mature content
Of gems and snakes part 2 of 4 :iconregiinator:regiinator 1 0
Mature content
Of gems and snakes part 1 of 4 :iconregiinator:regiinator 1 0
Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul Logo by regiinator Pokegirls: Darkness of the Soul Logo :iconregiinator:regiinator 0 0
Dissidia OC Profile: Lauren
Lauren Tracey
Character description: Lauren is one of Cazu's Pokegirls and is a Gun-Bunny. Lauren's strongest offence is in physical combat, both long and short-ranged. Lauren finds it difficult to express her emotions at points and often reverts to acting like a machine. However after spending time with Cazu, Danielle and Louise, she has learnt to open up to others. She is the speedy member of the team, able to even out-speed Usagi. She's vowed to protect Louise with her life thanks to a promise to her father.
Default: Lauren is a tall girl, standing at about 6'1" with hair that starts as a light brown, but fades into a deep, chocolate-coloured brown, her hair reaching to part-way down her back and her bangs reaching to just under her chin on either side of her face, her hair parted down the middle. She has tanned skin and mechanical-looking eyes; red irises with black pupils. On her head sit two, large rabbit ears whose fur is the same colour as her skin, reachin
:iconregiinator:regiinator 0 0
Dissidia OC Profile: Louise
Louise Larieve
Character description: Louise is one of Cazu's Pokegirls and is a Lapras. Although very shy and quite timid in nature, she always puts herself forward in order to try new things. Although she often thinks that she isn't trying hard enough, she still aims to do her best and discover new things to make everyone else proud of her.
Default: Louise is quite short at only 4'11" with aqua-blue hair that goes just past her shoulders, her fringe reaching just above her eyes and parted by the large, blue horn in the middle of her forehead. Her ears are small, curly blue ones at the top of her head and her right ear has a small light-blue bow tucked behind it. She has large, cute emerald-green eyes with pale skin. Her attire consists of a blue, swimsuit like leotard that rolls up at her neck with a white line right down the middle. She has on light-blue boots that reach to just under her knees. On her right wrist is a small, golden bracelet with a red jewel in
:iconregiinator:regiinator 0 0
Dissidia OC Profile: Maria
Maria Lowhart
Character description: Maria is one of Cazu's Pokegirls and an Archangel. Maria once used to belong to Radian, the leader of Trauma Team, until she was betrayed by him and almost killed. Once Cazu saved her however, she decided to fight alongside him to create a world where there's no discrimination between humans and Pokegirls. Maria is classed as a "Shiny" Pokegirl, an incredibly rare occurrence amongst any and all Pokegirls. Although she is very strong and has gone through many emotional phases, she mostly tends to steer away from fighting and would rather look after Cazu and the rest of the team.
Default: Maria is roughly 5'6" with icy-blue hair that reaches to her waist, flowing in long, straight strands that seem to blow and move even if there's no wind. She has large, friendly pale silver eyes and ever-so-slightly tanned skin. Her attire consists of a long, flowing white dress that reaches all the way to her feet, a slit opening at her waist do
:iconregiinator:regiinator 1 0
Dissidia OC Profile: Chantelle
Chantelle Ebony-Way
Character description: Chantelle is one of Cazu's Pokegirls and is a Dryder. Mainly a power-house Pokegirl, she deals well in close-combat and sneaky maneuvres. Despite being very quiet and not saying a lot, she has opened up to Cazu and Danielle. Widows and Dryders are meant to be feared amongst all Pokegirls, but many people forget that the Widow and Dryder are really the ones suffering.
Default: Chantelle is about 5'11" with deathly-pale skin, thin red eyes and jet-black hair that reaches all the way down to her waist, ending in blood-red tips. Her fringe slopes down to cover her left eye, only revealing the right one. Her attire consists of a black minidress that seems to also be partly a wrap-around thing, held by a thin black rope belt. She has on tall black socks with tall black boots that have high-heels.
EX Mode: Chantelle's outfit becomes a black mini-dress that goes to her thighs and leaves very little to the imagination, black boots
:iconregiinator:regiinator 0 0
Dissidia OC Profile: Usagi
Usagi Utechi
Character description: Usagi is a Scizor and one of Cazu's Pokegirls. Usagi is very strong and has a very big heart... however to put it lightly; 'she lacks in the upstairs department'. Her lack of brainpower has led her in the past to make very poor and rash decisions, however she always tries to do things for the good of others. She shares the same dream as Cazu and Danielle, although she has a major jealousy issue with the two of them since she also feels deeply for Cazu.
Default: Usagi is 5'5" with long, blonde hair with reddish-coloured roots, the hair pulled into two long ponytails that reach to her waist, meeting and twisting around each other at the tips to make a slight heart-shape. She has dark blue eyes and pale skin, usually having a cheerful and quite affectionate look to her, seeming much younger than she actually is. Her attire consists of a sleeveless red roll-neck that's lined with silver thread with a silver scarf. Her lower half cons
:iconregiinator:regiinator 1 0
Dissidia OC Profile: Danielle
Danielle Elizabeth
Character description: Danielle is a Witch, a Magic-Type Pokegirl and Cazu’s Alpha and starter Pokegirl. Danielle has a solid resolve and can be a little bit cold at times, but she does care deeply for all of her “Team Sisters” and cares extremely deeply for Cazu, even going so far as to almost sacrifice herself for him. She holds up Cazu’s desire to change the world for the better and fights alongside him to make it a reality.
Default: Danielle is 5;1 with turquoise-blue hair that goes just past her shoulders, the fringe reaching just to her blue eyes and the bangs going just past. She has pale skin and is quite thin with only slight muscle and pointed ears. Her outfit consists of a short purple Witch’s robe-like dress that reaches to halfway down her thighs, the dress itself rolling up to cover her neck and also being sleeveless. She also wears a pair of purple, elbow-length gloves and knee-length purple boots. On
:iconregiinator:regiinator 0 0
Anything really goes here. Really, ANYTHING.

Random Favourites

Permission to squee, plz Ver. 2 by ShadowStarEXE Permission to squee, plz Ver. 2 :iconshadowstarexe:ShadowStarEXE 18 9 For ShadowStarEXE - II by windy-shenanigans For ShadowStarEXE - II :iconwindy-shenanigans:windy-shenanigans 6 11 Sailor Moon - Princess Meteor (Kakyuu) 10 by Ank-sama Sailor Moon - Princess Meteor (Kakyuu) 10 :iconank-sama:Ank-sama 3,604 512 Request- Regiinator by SpizFeral Request- Regiinator :iconspizferal:SpizFeral 6 9 Your Princess Isn't In Another Castle by ShadowStarEXE Your Princess Isn't In Another Castle :iconshadowstarexe:ShadowStarEXE 7 6 master keyblade mario by mauroz master keyblade mario :iconmauroz:mauroz 1,296 214 kingtendo XD zelda peach by mauroz kingtendo XD zelda peach :iconmauroz:mauroz 1,185 143 KH-Midna and Wolf Link by arvalis KH-Midna and Wolf Link :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,564 116 Kingdom Hearts-Zelda Colored by arvalis Kingdom Hearts-Zelda Colored :iconarvalis:arvalis 3,957 367 Sleepy Zelda by ghostfire Sleepy Zelda :iconghostfire:ghostfire 3,866 257 Yoshi317's Human bowser by KatOtter Yoshi317's Human bowser :iconkatotter:KatOtter 126 46 Bowser's Bistro by DoctorEvil06 Bowser's Bistro :icondoctorevil06:DoctorEvil06 115 78 Coud and Ren by blueyeswhitedra Coud and Ren :iconblueyeswhitedra:blueyeswhitedra 37 16 Poke-Love is Black and White by Tsuzukikun Poke-Love is Black and White :icontsuzukikun:Tsuzukikun 197 49 Commission: Cazu-chan and Danielle by Vellvette Commission: Cazu-chan and Danielle :iconvellvette:Vellvette 26 13 .::The Sound Of Your Heart Beat::. by XxXFireWithinXxX .::The Sound Of Your Heart Beat::. :iconxxxfirewithinxxx:XxXFireWithinXxX 184 23
Just a couple of random faves I like, showing my variations in fandoms throughout my time here.


Horrible news

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 26, 2015, 7:27 PM
Hello to everyone who watched my husband or just was friendly with him. This is ShadowStarEXE typing this.

If you haven't yet seen my own journal entry I posted two weeks back, then you're in for some awful news. I'm sorry to have to bring this news so close after Christmas, but fate decided it had to be so.

My beloved husband, the owner of this account, passed away on December 5. He had contracted pneumonia and his heart had stopped. He was at the Heart Institute in Ottawa and the doctors were unable to revive him.

If anyone was wondering why he hadn't been active lately, he had suffered a horrible year before his passing. Long story short, he had an operation to try and fix the problem he had of bleeding from his lungs and he became paralyzed from the waist down. The details are over on my account, in a journal entry titled "Do not read if you're having a good day".

My husband suffered so much pain throughout his life, but he was a special and amazing person. He loved writing and found that the fandoms here were quite welcoming to him and his ideas. He spoke so often of becoming a published writer and studied so hard to make his dream possible. He was especially very proud of his own creepypasta, Jessica, and how everyone who read it loved it. He was really surprised to find so much fanart of it as well.

As a tribute to him and to allow anyone to view his work, I will not close his account. However, I will disable comments on all his work. I am also making this account unwatch everyone, as I do not want a buildup of messages. I will monitor his account, but any and all questions or concerns about my husband's work should be directed to me over on my account.

Also, if anyone happens to find his work, ESPECIALLY Jessica, on any other site than this one or his Fanfiction.Net account, I want you to tell me right away. My husband was infuriated that people had stolen his best work and claimed it as their own on other sites. I want to protect his work.

If anyone wishes to give messages of sympathy or words of comfort, please do so on my account.

I'd like to thank everyone who supported my husband, or even the both of us, on our endeavors. We loved writing and we loved being creative together. It's what brought us together in the first place. It's little comfort, but he's now finally free from his pain and suffering. And I'll always love him and await the day I'll find him again.

Rest In Peace, Regiinator. (Cameron Lawrence Christie) I love you always, baby.


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Born January 25, 1992.
Died December 5, 2015.


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